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BigBox taking focus on resume from hibernate


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I have a power button on an arcade cabinet currently set to put the PC into hibernate mode.  

If my kids put the PC into hibernate while playing a game, when resuming from Hibernate mode BigBox pops up on the front of the screen, although controls still move the game in the background.  They then call me, and I pull out the keyboard and Alt-Tab around to get the game back, and all works from there.

Any way to stop BigBox from popping to front of screen when resuming?

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Bringing this back from the dead. I also have this problem, as I hardwired an arcade button to the PC's power button and Monitor button. So it acts like as a hibernate button.


Only problem is, they leave games running, and Bigbox takes back focus after resuming.

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I've tried a few things with no luck, including a bat file to force minimize BigBox that runs on Logon with task scheduler, but sadly doesn't seem to work.

My kids have launched several games simultaneously now after turning on the PC from hibernation, which is a problem.

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