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Ultima I and VI not scraping properly when searched simply


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Pretty much what it says on the tin. I have the DOS versions of Ultima I and VI, and correct corresponding entries exist in the game database, but they don't come up when I search for them by partial versions of their names.

Searching for just "ultima" or "ultima " pulls up a fair number of games with "ultimate" in the title, but the only database entries for the Ultima series it pulls up are for Ultima IX, Ultima Online, and Ultima V, in that order. This tells me that roman numerals are being recognized as text, not numbers, which is fine, but I would expect all the Ultima series entries to be in there. All the Ultima Wikipedia articles come up, also treating roman numerals as text.

Searching for "Ultima I" (that being a capital I) only pulls up one database entry- the one for Ultima IX. As with the more general search, it does pull up the correct Wikipedia article. Searching the full name, "Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness", finally pulled up the correct DB entries.

Searching for "Ultima VI" is similar- the correct Wikipedia article comes up, but the only DB hit is for the Ultima 6 Project. As with Ultima I, it was not until I searched the full title. "Ultima VI: The False Prophet" that the DB entries popped up.

All the other games in the series scraped correctly with just their numerals, so I am not sure what is up with those two. I looked at the entries, and it doesn't appear that the others have had the short version added as alternative names. Definitely more an annoyance than a huge problem, but this indicates some problem in the interface between DB and Launchbox, as doing the exact same searches directly on the GameDB website pulls up the games just fine.

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