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Arcade Cabinet Custom Attract loop using autohotkey. (Bigbox + Retroarch)

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Arcade Cabinet Custom Attract loop using autohotkey. (Bigbox + Retroarch)

I got this great idea this morning that the attract mode would be alot more attractive if it actually launched games, so I made this script. Super easy mode if anybody wants to try it. If any wizards want to make a better version of the script that sleeps when you're playing a game, then turns back on. That would be even better!




    SetTitleMatchMode, 2

        sleep 13000
        WinActivate, BigBox
        send {enter}
        sleep 1000
        send {enter}
        sleep 1000
        send {enter}
        sleep 1000
        WinActivate, Retro
        sleep 1000
        WinActivate, Retro
        sleep 70000
        run taskkill /IM retroarch.exe,, Hide
        Sleep 1000
        WinActivate, ahk_exe BigBox.exe
        send b



Custom Attract Loop.ahk

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