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Bigbox 8.3 slow to start up.


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Hi, new user here and love the software, but I noticed after I had completed setup that BigBox seems to take a while to launch. Wasn't sure if this was normal or not, but I did a quick search on the forums and saw someone else had an issue where a USB audio device was causing issues,  so unplugged all USB devices and didn't help.  Anyway, other commenters on the post indicated their BigBox launched "in seconds", and mine was taking 20-40 seconds, so I continued to troubleshoot.

Thing I've tried:

- I did a fresh install and added a single rom and emulator.  It takes about 20 seconds for BigBox to startup (installed on SSD). I don't have any startup videos. I've tried disabling startup splash as well. No change.

- I tried doing fresh installs on other PC's of varying capabilities (3 other systems).   On all systems, it takes about 20 seconds to startup.

I tried installing Launchbox/Bigbox 7.0 from a link that Jason provided here in the forum, and for that version it takes only about 5-6 seconds to launch.

So I guess my questions is, Is 20 seconds normal for Bigbox 8.3 to launch for a fresh install?   If not, does anyone have any other suggestions?      If it is normal, perhaps I'll stick with v7.0, but I'd like the newest possible one as well;  is there any way to download other previous versions of Launchbox?


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