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Launchbox on Unraid Server in an RV


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Hey thought I'd share the setup a bit since I'm pretty proud of it, even though it's not as cool as the arcade cabinets a lot of people are showing off ?.

i7 4790k
GTX 980ti
Xbox One controller

Unraid v6.5.2
Launchbox Beta x.13
Windows 10 VM w/ graphics card passthrough

Unified Remote - lets me use my tablet for mouse/keyboard/media input on the Windows VM

Originally I had tried to use Nvidia Gamestream from my laptop, but frankly it looked terrible with no ethernet connection, and my laptop is capable with a 1050ti but still experienced slowdown in places my server wouldn't. Also currently Gamestream doesn't currently work with OpenGL (it shows a black screen), so working around video plugins was becoming tedious and meant I had to setup extra emulators in some cases (Project64 instead of Retroarch for N64 for example).

Plus I want something for my wife and kid to play when I'm working and that means my laptop only was available when I was off work. We travel full time so there are times that there is too much to see, and times where there isn't much to see at all, depending on where we're at.

Today is the first real test run on the server, and after a couple hiccups it's working flawlessly.

I have been wanting to have a viable setup for emulation on my television since I first started playing ROMs in the 90s, and after 20 years I've finally managed a setup that is sufficiently easy enough to use on the big screen. Thanks LaunchBox team; I'm stoked I happened upon this software. My wife is too!


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