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Launchbox bug loading DOSBox game with different DOSBox version.


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I've hit the weirdest problem with LaunchBox (both LaunchBox and LaunchBox.Next).  It's mounting a default directory even when it doesn't exist in the setup.  I've tried looking in the data files and didn't see anything, but I'm no expert on LB.


This happens with any DOS game I've tried using with a different emulator.

When I use basic DOSBox it's fine. When I try to use another version from the "Emulators" list it seems to be using a .conf from somewhere else. But I can't find it anywhere.

Here's the setup:

1248197448_EditGame08_02_201820_32_49.thumb.png.69cad06d06fcb39f29d76e0de1c3e6e5.png738736742_EditGame08_02_201820_58_41.thumb.png.e265a2f2b8d08374804c796e699004fa.pngThen I get this:

1950846548_DOSBoxECEr4132CPUspeed_3000cyclesFrameskip0Program_DOSBOX08_02_201821_41_34.thumb.png.7214d6b3bd5c597bdae42addc068d60b.pngThe "D:\Launchbox\Games\MS-DOS\HDD\TOMBRAID" isn't in my setup anywhere as you can see.  I've even deleted the previous setup completely and added Tombraider again from scratch and nothing changes.

Thanks guys,


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