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Crash on save after import, losing everything :(


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Hi. I ran an import of my NES titles last night, this morning I see the usual "there were these errors, do you still want to import?" message. I say yes. Launchbox begins saving, then crashes out, just vanishes. I load it back up, there's no NES platform.

So I try again, and I see that it's not checking for local media at all, it's just re-downloading all the images that it spent the whole night before downloading.

So do I now have to do the whole process again? Surely there's a better way? Checking hashes maybe?

I'm not the best of coders, but would it not be more logical to download the metadata for a game, save it to the database, download the images, store them and their hashes, then move on to the next game? Doing it in bulk right at the end seems to be courting disaster....

Or am I missing something obvious because I'm a bit of an idiot?

Edit: See below, idiot confirmed.

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Okay, I *am* an idiot. I see that just redoing the metadata and not downloading the images again makes everything sync up and all the images are used. Whew.

But I still think it makes more sense to download metadata, save it, then move on to the next one, rather than saving in bulk at the end.

And an option to automatically say yes to an import despite errors would be a huge plus.

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