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BigBox black screen on start up but not on restart


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Hey folks. 

Scratching my head here. 

Starting pc from power off. 

Big picture launches the start intro video and then I get a black screen. 

I have to then either hit the windows key on the keyboard to restart or alt ctrl DEL 

if I restart from a black screen state it will work on restart. 

If I shut down on a black screen state and then power up I’ll get back screen again 

running this on windows 10 with nividia 980 card. All updates are applied. 

Tried to fix this by uninstalling launch box and then reinstalling. No joy. 

Many thoughts or tips? 


Get the below error when I kill BP 

The Application object is being shut down.

Version: 8.4
Type:    System.InvalidOperationException
Site:    System.IO.Packaging.Package GetResourcePackage(System.Uri)
Source:  PresentationFramework

   at System.Windows.Application.GetResourcePackage(Uri packageUri)
   at System.Windows.Application.GetResourceOrContentPart(Uri uri)
   at System.Windows.Application.LoadComponent(Object component, Uri resourceLocator)
   at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf.BigBox.App.InitializeComponent()
   at ()
   at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf.BigBox.BigBoxProgram.Main()

Recent Log:

   15:31:52 Exception


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