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Specifying two ROM files (for mini vMac)


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Hey everyone,

I'm working on hooking up the Mac emulator Mini vMac to launchbox. It works perfectly fine if I try to launch with one disk attached. But some games need more than one disk image, either because the game disk isn't bootable or just because there's a data disk (Shadowgate, for example).

In Windows, Mini vMac allows you to pass multiple disk images as arguments on the command line, just by putting a space in between them. I've checked, and it works fine via the command line, even if I call it from the Launchbox root folder.

What I'm trying to do is in Launchbox, specifying additional command line options for these games, and passing it the path to the second disk ("Games/Apple Mac OS/Shadowgate/disk2.dsk"). But when I do it this way,  the emulator complains that it can't find the second disk. I'm not sure what Launchbox is actually calling as its commandline command, so it's hard to debug - and it doesn't put this stuff out to the debug log either. Does anyone know if there's a way to get Launchbox to send two ROM paths to the emulator on launch?

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