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Cannot find Pang / default MAME Gamepad


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Hello everyone, just found out about the super-intuitive LaunchBox and went Premium. Really great software and guides here, well done! Have to say I prefer the "old-school" interface so I hope you will not replace it entirely with Next. My very first issue & question:

1. (solved but see below) I imported my MAME set (current version, no CHDs) but I cannot find Pang. Tried importing with the minimum amount of exclusions. It appears on the pre-import full list. Also tried re-adding it manually as a single ROM - import reported as successful but I just cannot find it in the LaunchBox game list. Pang3, Super Pang etc. are there, just not Pang. It works normally in MAME 0.201 x64.

2. A MAME question: I have two gamepads, let's say G1 and G2. MAME always configures G2 as the default "Joy1" and G1 as Joy2. Is there a way to reverse this - G1 always as Joy1? I know "Mapdevice" is related, but I don't know the file required, its required contents and where to put it... Tried and failed in the past. Any help appreciated.

About Pang: figured out LaunchBox imports it with the alternate name Buster Bros. Is there a way to display both names - or to make a selection during import? Don't know which takes precedence in LaunchBox, and always located it as Pang in the past. Thanks again.

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