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Missing Silver Ring Clear Game Logo Set by "SuperSprayer40"

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Missing Silver Ring Clear Game Logo Set by "SuperSprayer40"

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These are some of the missing logo titles, based on "SuperSprayer40" Silver Ring Clear Game Logo sets.

This is Just based on the romsets that I currently have, I would say that the Dreamcast, Genesis, Master System, SNES, NES, Gamecube are more or less complete. (please note Sega Dreamcast is slightly different to Supersprayer40 as I didn't realise it had been changed until I had finished, but difference is minimal. With PS1/2 and Wii titles I only have a small collection, so just thought I'd upload these missing ones anyway.

I've included a template folder in each set, so if you still have missing logos it will be easy for you to sort out and upload for others to use as well.

****I will be looking to make a big attempt to complete the Mame set that JPGIII started off (roughly 650+ logos so far). I'm currently whitling down my current 2,500+ Mame set to the games I want. Once this is done I'll be in a position to start compiling the logos. so watch this space.....******

Sega Dreamcast = 85

Sega Genesis = 160

Sega Master System = 137 

SNES = 6

Nintendo Wii = 16

Nintendo Gamecube = 9

N64 = 4

NES = 13

PS1 = 2

PS2 = 3


One Piece_ Grand Battle 3.png

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy.png

Astérix and the Power of the Gods.png

Newman_Haas Racing.png

Sensible Soccer 2006.png

nascar the game inside line.png


Dead or Alive 2 Limited Edition.png


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