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PSX Mednafen settings vs ePSXe

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Hi all,

I am really happy with the settings and the performance my machine (i7 4790, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970) has with ePSXe but since I have a ton of games to convert to PBP one by one, I am thinking of passing to Mednafen core in RA. I have been reading, playing around and tweaking with some options but I can't get it to run the same way as I do it on ePSXe. I have this running at 60 fps selecting native resolution 2x. That is really smooth! When using Mednafen first thing I notice when the bios runs is like a grainy image. Colors are good but that is not as good as the other emulator. Also, my fps while playing (not a load screen) is 20 fps at its max with 2x native resolution set.

I have tried by changing from HW to software rendering and some other stuff but I am not sure about this. 

Does anybody here know how to fix this? It would be awesome and really time-saving converting wise.

Many thanks!

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