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PS1/PSX : Batch combine multiple .bin to .pbp better way

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Found a better way to convert PS1 zips and multi bins to pbp files. PSX2PSP was to slow to do batch files.
So hope this helps. I take NO CREDIT for the programs used and as far as I know they are free to use. I just modified
or created bat files to make them work for this. So take the downloaded files and unzip them. Then put the unzipped folders
on the drive you will work on.You need a lot of space depending on how many files you are doing at once.
Put the zipped PS1 files in the CHD folder and unzip to the "Extract to \ folders". Now run the chdman Multi Bins to CUE .bat.
It changes the bin and multi bins to CHD files that are uncompressed (faster) then it converts them to Bin and Cue files.
After it is done,trash everything but the newly created bin files and chdman files you started with. Move the now single bin files
it created to PBP folder(Cut and Paste is the quickest way if it's one the same drive). Make sure the bat file in PBP folder is
set to the drive you are on "BintoPbp.exe C:\PBP C:\PBP" if it's on the C Drive if not select edit and change drive letters and save.
(It's program then source location then destination location). If that is right then run the bintopbp.bat file.It will convert the bins to pbp files.
It will also put games with more than one disc together in one pbp file as (2 CD),(3 CD),(4 CD) or (5 CD)
depending on how many discs they are.As long as they are named similar names like: name (Disc 1) name (Disc 2).
Now move the newly created PBP files to your games location to run.

PS1 Multi Bins to PBP.zip

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Thanks for this, but it doesn't 'work' with multiple .bins though. :(


The problem is that that 'BinToPbp.exe'/'PbpCreator.dll' used (where is that from, btw? Where did you get it?) doesn't handle audio tracks.  It's totally ignoring the .CUE file, and so the result is just one big single 'track'.


Something like Simple Popstation GUI will use the .CUE file along with the .BIN and output a .PBP that has the CD audio tracks (if present) marked in a way that the game can find them.


Try converting something with a ton of CD audio, like Tomb Raider II, and you'll see that this bintopbp has no music vs. a popstationgui output.


[EDIT: Also, even PSX2PSP doesn't work 100%...every CD audio track starts playing from like 2 seconds in from the beginning of the track...while the exact same bin+cue, ran through SimplePopstationGUI, works fine.]




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Added PSX2PSP bug info...

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