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Plugin Suggestion For Music Shuffling

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Hi, I really want to be able to shuffle all of my background music while browsing Big Box. I have tried many hours to get my music to shuffle but this feature is just broken. I have searched past posts and found people having the same issue for years, I never see anyone addressing this issue.

Just for context, when trying to shuffle music, it will either/both

A. Play the same song on loop over and over again

B.  Shuffle the same exact song to the front of the list every time


If I could, I would just use VLC in the background, but the problem is I'm not sure how to get it to stop playing music when I launch a game and resume it when I exit a game.

Would it be possible for someone to make a plugin that fixes this issue? I don't even care if it displays the song title and album art or not, I just want all of my music shuffled when browsing games on my arcade machine. 

I paid money to use this program, so I wish this feature would just work the way its supposed to. 

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Hi! There may be a problem in the settings in the driver. As a good option, I will offer you to study a professional article  with which you can safely test the updates you need. I also recommend using a whole bunch of cleaning tools for the registry. When you clean your computer from unnecessary memory dumps and other garbage, it starts flying like a new technique. Good luck to you!

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