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Hi all!

First things first: I've recently bought BigBox and I'm amazed with it. Thank you all developers and supporters for an amazing piece of software!

But after some weeks playing with it I've encountered a usability problem. How can I filter all my ROMS for 2-Players / 3-Players/ etc ?

This is difficult because some platforms don't classify PlayMode attribute with the number of players, only SinglePlayer or MultiPlayer.

How can I update my ROMS info to get this level of detail?


PS: Sorry for my english... I'm Portuguese.




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Mr Froggy:


when scrolling through the game lists, and this might be dependant on the theme you are looking in, press the left key or on a controller hit left on the left stick which should show a quick-scroll menu containing search, manual filter, favourited A-Z.

using the manual filter you can select  PLAY TYPE contains "Multiplayer", which will then filter all your games to multiplayer (through the metadata of each game, so its dependant on that). 

its fiddily, and i think launchbox can do better!


I came across your question whilst looking for a quick and easy solution to this too - a quick all/single/multi player toggle from the controller would be really handy considering launchbox is definetly a showoff piece when friends are over, so it would be great to have this filtered ready for a good gaming session and selecting the best game to go with.



good luck!


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