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LaunchBox not launching any DOS games


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Hi everyone,

I've searched this forum, but cannot see my problem anywhere.

I downloaded ExoDos 4.0 and can't get LaunchBox to run any Dos games. I run through the installation procedure for a game, then run the game, but all I see is a Command Prompt instance flick up for a split second in the Windows Taskbar and then nothing happens. I have checked the file path and it's fine, which is what I would expect anyway given that the ExoDos setup process sets everything up for you anyway.

I have looked through the troubleshooting FAQs for ExoDos, but nothing comes close to describing the problem I'm experiencing. I have triple-checked that I didn't miss anything during the setup process (which would be hard to do, given how simple it is).

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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Crisis averted. I just went through the re-install for the third time, and it's working fine now. For anyone else who may experience this problem, the creator of ExoDos said that what I described suggested that DosBox wasn't able to start up for some reason. I'm not sure what I did differently this time around, but it's working now.

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