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Hello, thought I'd post my nearly complete bigbox build. 

The goal of this build was to have a 4 player system with everything in the box and only 2 ports for the outside (HDMI and power). A fun system for the family and friends.

My work was recycling a bunch of these awesome spec'd small form factor machines. They have an i5 (I believe 4570) processor, 16gb ram, onboard video, msata 500gb SSD, on a ASRock industrial board. The outside case is part of the cpu heatsink which I thought was pretty sweet.  

I got the buttons and joys on Amazon, not sure if they are authentic sanwa joysticks but they look like sanwa JLF joys and the clear 4/8 way actually says sanwa on it. 

I hardwired the computers powersupply to a power receptical and hdmi to a female to female coupler. So it's nice and clean. 

Some mdf, hinges, and fun labor later and she's near complete. Just waiting on the T moulding for around the top and bottom. My buddy works for a print shop and printed the graphic. All in all I think I'm only into this project for about 200 including the parts and launchbox lifetime license. 









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