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Unraid Windows VM premade


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So last week i bought me the lifetime license, i have an unraid server at home and i'm making a Win10 VM on it for retro gaming. Spent a good 10-20 hours configuring, setting up, etc. And i had a bad crash on my unraid (UPS failed). It corrupted something on the VM storage and more or less cant get back into it, so i have to start from scratch. (Normally i backup my VM's after i set it up, but i had not finished setting it up yet)

I was having some major issues getting Gamecube and N64 working on it, giving me messages about plugins not loaded, so i hadnt gotten everything working yet.

Is there some place i can download a pre configed ISO for windows 10, or a super easy setup that can help save me that 10-20 hours invested? Its a daunting task to setup for a complete system. I have over 10tb worth of old games pre-downloaded, just need to point the software to it. Primiarily i'm making this to play N64, but would like to setup all systems, my unraid server can handle anything no problem.



AMD Threadripper 2990wx (32 core/64 thread, liquid cooled)

128gb DDR4


150tb of Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives

2.5tb of NVMe+SSD's

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the only ISO is the bootable media required to build Windows.

My suggestion would be to create a Windows 10 VM, configure it, update it then shutdown the VM, stop the VM services on your host and make a copy of the VM's VHDX file and VM Config files. That way you have a point in time snapshot of the configured machine.

If you're using Launchbox and mainly "portable" versions of the emulators then I would create a second Virtual Disk (ie D Drive) and store all your Launchbox folders / Emulators / Games there. In that way you can, as you said, just point LB at it

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