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Is there a way to reset the images/themes in BigBox to default? Platform Backgrounds used to show, but don't after some tinkering


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Hi guys,

been using LB for a couple years now, absolutely love it but I've never really looked into BigBox much, I'm setting up a standalone machine to boot directly into BigBox and I love it so far, but I've been tinkering around with the themes, switching between them a lot and trying to get the videos/images the way I want them and seem to have broken something.

I've been using Default, CriticalZoneV2 Blue and MinimalX, they all do almost completely what I want but I may eventually need to code a modification myself, I think I'm just seeing an interaction between the priority settings for images/videos.

But I've noticed that after switching between them a few times, changing themes no longer works properly, When I set a theme as default, it changes some things, but not others and under 'Views' the 'Theme' is set to either the wrong theme, or blank. Changing it to the theme I've just set seems to mostly work, but I'm seeing some oddities with platform backgrounds.

With Default and CriticalZoneV2 Blue, I've supplied custom backgrounds for each platform under Launchbox/Images/Platforms/[Platform]/Fanart but for some reason, the only one that works is the Sega 32X and Sega CD32X, I'm not sure it's something specific to those platforms but I can't find an obvious way they differ from other platforms I have installed. They all have EmuMovies videos set up, they all have fanart installed, shows up in LaunchBox when I hit 'Edit' on the platform, etc.

I've included my BigBoxSettings, and Platform config along with both the Sega 32X config and another platform for which background image doesn't work (Super Nintendo) alongside Settings just incase any of those are useful.

Would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Cheers :)

edit: I've noticed that I can get a background to display for platforms if I tell it to use the clear logos. So something can appear there that isn't a video. The only other thing I can get to work is platform videos. But I don't personally like these as backgrounds.



I've tried setting 'Show Fanart' to true under Options->General->Game Details, and ticking every box under Images->Background Priorities with 'Fanart - Background' as the highest priority. But still not seeing anything in the Platforms menu on the Default theme, even repaired the Default theme and ensured checkboxes related to video backgrounds are off (these work if they are on) just a black background except for the Sega 32X for some reason. I even re-scraped images for every platform and still nothing.

I've tried using the Theme->Default->Images->Platforms->Device folder to override everything, same for the Fanart folder, still nada unfortunately. On both the Default theme and the other themes I've mentioned.

Even tried removing the _00/_01/etc naming convention and just using the raw platform names for the images, no dice.


I found the debug log option in options and enabled it, looks like the images I'm trying to use are throwing a 'bitmap property type is unexpected (exception from HRESULT: 0x88982F8E)' exception originating from BitmapDecoder.SetupDecoderFromUriOrStream()

Doesn't give me any more info than that so I'm guessing either the images from the pack I'm using are malformed, or it's sending an incorrect path and failing to load any file at all. Hard to tell but I'll try re-saving some of the images as a different format.

BigBoxSettings.xml Platforms.xml Sega 32X.xml Settings.xml Super Nintendo Entertainment System.xml)

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Sorry for the double post, but wanted to separate the resolution from the issue.

I've resolved the issue.

The images in that platform backgrounds package are malformed in some way, I opened the jpeg images and re-saved them as both 24 and 32 bit PNG files and either one loads with no issue. I then re-saved one of those as a JPEG with 80% compression and chroma 4:2:2 just using paint.net and they work perfectly.

Not sure if this is a BigBox issue (the original images show up just fine inside of the LaunchBox platform editor as Fanart) or an issue with the images themselves, either way. That was the issue! Re-saving them in paint.net worked, little bit annoying but at least I've diagnosed the problem and can have the menus I want now. Also explains why the image priority was having odd effect, my guess is it was choosing the correct highest priority, the fanart, but was simply failing to load the image and bailing out instead of moving down the priority queue.

Should be able to get precisely the behaviour I want now using background images and slightly modifying the default or CriticalZoneV2 Blue themes.

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