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Atari 2600 / 5200 - can't play 2 players games


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Hello everybody,

I am discovering LB and BB and I love this interface but I am also discovering Emulation on PC (and it is harder than I thought).

The first two systems I installed on my BB are Atari 2600 through Retroarch and Atari 5200 through Retroarch or Kat5200.

For both systems I managed to set up my roms and my emulators and to play 99% of the games BUT I can't play 2 players games as my second controller does not have any effect.

For instance for Fall Down or Combat in Atari 2600 or Joust in Atari 5200 I can manage to play 1 player game  but not 2 players which makes me mad. In Combat it is even worse as my 1st controller makes move the 2 tanks...

What is strange is that both my controllers are detected when I launch the games :

image.thumb.png.2408203fbde08ebc5c8c893fedae7e22.pngMy controllers are Ibuffalo Classic USB Gamepad which are "classic" as I think.

I have spend my two last evening trying to understand what I am missing but I have no more idea.

Many thanks for any help as I dont want to go on in LB/BB before solving this problem.









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