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Arcade Board Unified Platform Videos

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Arcade Board Unified Platform Videos

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This is a set of Arcade Board Unified videos and themes for use with CriticalCid's Unified theme.

I have also included the platform and game clear logos, with .bat files to extract the roms from your MAME folder so they can be imported to Launchbox.

Also once the rom files are imported you could always use Notepad++ to change the paths back to your original MAME ROMs folder and delete the copies you used to import them into Launchbox.


Unified themes:

Atari G1.zip Atari G42.zip Atari GT.zip Atari GX2.zip Atari System 1.zip Atari System 2.zip Brezzasoft Crystal System.zip Data East ARM6.zip Data East MEC-M1.zip IGS Polygame Master 2.zip IGS Polygame Master.zip Namco System 1.zip Namco System 2.zip Namco System 21.zip Nintendo PlayChoice-10.zip Psikyo.zip Sega System 1.zip Sega System 2.zip Sega System 14.zip Sega System 16.zip Sega System 18.zip Sega System 24.zip Sega System 32.zip Sega X Board.zip Sega Y Board.zip Toaplan Unique.zip Toaplan Version 1.zip Toaplan Version 2.zip


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