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iShade's Steam Grid Icon Collection

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Hey everyone, just a quick upload to kill some time.

A lot of these were made ages ago before I even went to college, so you'll find some that don't follow proper design/layout principals. But they're there nonetheless, and you'll definitely find a good amount of recent ones throughout. 

This is made with emulation in mind for Steam's Big picture mode, in the case that some of you may like to launch your roms from your Steam library and need some new game art.
Here are some examples:

Akiba's Trip.pngBlack Desert Online.pngCyber Hunter.pngGocco of War.pngKirby Air Ride.pngLittleBigPlanet PSP.pngMario Kart 8.pngMario Maker.pngMetroid Prime.pngNES Remix 2.pngPersona 5.pngPhantasy Star Portable 2.pngPhantasyy Star Online 2.pngPokemon Art Academies.pngPokemon Rumble.pngRETROARCH.pngSaints Row 3rd.pngScott Pilgrim VS The World.pngSonic Riders.pngSonic Robo Blast 2.pngssb.pngssbm.pngZelda Breath of the Wild.pngZelda Majora's Mask.png


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