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After a couple of years I just started all over with emulation as Launchbox seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I'm now trying to setup everything and I am able to fix all issues with the great Launchbox tutorials. However, I am struggling with 3DO. I have read every topic and seen every tutorial on 3DO, but I just don't get it. Hope you can help. Here are my steps:

1. I downloaded and configured 4DO. I had an older version of 4DO and downloaded the latest one as well. Added all the bioses I could find, and the roms seem to be running fine within 4DO.

2. Just to be certain, I added the Opera libretro for Retrarch. Opera seems to be the only core for 3DO games within Retroarch. Installed it, added bioses and again: roms are running fine.

image.thumb.png.6f6f593723a308d4f0d3a17a143ed2a2.png3. I added a few 3DO iso-files to launchbox (tried the .cue as well), but when I open the file with 4DO, i get the following error:
image.png.ea7db2485482d9c1e3bd4b08b7959cde.pngWhen I click OK, 4DO is launched without a game and I can select the exact same ISO from the menu, and it will run.

4. When I open the Iso file through Retroarch, I just get a black screen.

5. These are my settings:image.thumb.png.0a1125edeb90df920c138edc7fe1223b.pngimage.thumb.png.a2fea70c40e5b97ca08048fb61f1b947.pngimage.pngimage.thumb.png.8cafa6c7c5a637bc4f82ec7c4950b816.png

I double-checked the naming convention, tried other CD-systems in Launchbox and got those working, I did a google search for the error, checked every thread I could find, so it must be something else I'm missing. Do you have any idea?

Thank you so much!

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For anyone wondering, I have found the solution.

This video was the hint I needed:

At 5:01 you can see a clip of the bios he used and there was a big size difference with the ones I had. Apparently most 3DO bioses need to be about 1MB.
(Nervetheless strange that the games did work from Retroarch and 4DO is still not working)

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