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Launchbox platform list causing a problem.

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About a month ago I decided to extend my Launchbox license, get a Emumovies subscription and upgrade from version 10.6 to the latest version and do everything from scratch.
When I was done with adding every system and was casually scrolling through the platform list, I noticed that a random refresh of the window happened and the video of the selected game started from the beginning.

Let me start with a short clip of the problem:
(Note: If I select a platform at the bottom of the list, the same thing happens but only when I scroll down.)

Edit: I just noticed that when this reload happens, the launchbox.exe jumps from basically 0% CPU-Usage to around 50% and back down.
Also does it not happen when I select a system in the middle of the list. It only happens when I select a system at the top or at the bottom of the platform list.

At this point I have tried to enable or disable every possible option that Launchbox offers.
It seems like that the amount of .xml files in the Data/Platforms (or the size of them?) are playing into the problem.
When "only" 45 systems or .xml files (which are about 24k games thanks to Exodos) are present, the problem doesn't occur. 
When in "platform category"-view, it also happens when all categories are extended, but not if only one category is. 

Whenever this reload of the window happens, the log shows ->

2020-05-13 07:25:46 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Deactivated Start
2020-05-13 07:25:46 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Deactivated Before Pause Video
2020-05-13 07:25:46 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Deactivated Completed
2020-05-13 07:25:51 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Activated Start
2020-05-13 07:25:51 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Activated Before JoystickTimer Enabled Set
2020-05-13 07:25:51 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Activated Before Resume Video
2020-05-13 07:25:51 AM Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.ViewModels.MainViewModel.window.Activated Before Check Already Focused

I'll add some log files to this post and I would really appreciate if one of the devs, mods or users could take a look into it.

My system specs (if relevant at all):
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
32GB DDR4-3600 G.Skill Ripjaws V
6GB MSI NVidia RTX 2060 Gaming Z
(Launchbox is on a dedicated 500GB SSD just for it.)

I'm completly out of ideas what could cause it or how I could solve it.
If the only way to fix it is to get rid of multiple systems - so be it.
But the main reason I wanted to use Launchbox is to manage my whole collection.

Thank you,

Debug 2020-05-13 07-25-31 AM.log Debug 2020-05-14 10-31-34 PM.log Debug 2020-05-23 07-57-58 PM.log Debug 2020-05-23 08-44-14 PM.log

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