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Amiga FS-UAE - Is it possible to launch a CD version archived as .LhA of T-zero


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Hello guys.

I have been playing with FS-UAE a lot lately and it pretty much does everything I wanted (in conjunction with Launchbox).

Except for one thing that is kind of special to me.

There is this game call T-zero (or T-zer0) that was the reason why I wanted to emulate Amiga in the first place (played it a lot when I was young). But I only have a CD version archived as LhA of that game - of about 160mb (No WHDLoad version of this game exists apparently), except for the demo). I also have CD images of the game. One that is in .nrg format, the other in img. 

Is there a way for me to play this game using FS-UAE and my CD version archived as LhA backup? I also tried WinUAE and could not make it work either.

Thank you so much for your time!

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Thanks for your reply!

I did try with WinUAE. I was not familiar with it but I managed to understand how it works and launch several games.

But in the end I wasn't able to launch the CD version of T-zero archived as an .LHA. It seems that it is possible, but I lack the know how to do it. If anyone would like to try, I can provide a download link of T-Zero (it is really buried deep in the internet) via PM.

It is an awesome SHMUP, maybe the best on the platform, so I think a lot of people would enjoy it, especially if we can launch it via FS-UAE or WInUAE (as opposed to the .exe version out there, which is very slow to starts, with no save features at all - it is a pretty long SHMUP therefor the .exe version is a dealbreaker to me).

Let me know!

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