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How to run Taito Type X and NesicaXLive games with Launchbox.


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To start off first you'll need to download TypeXtra, which is the easiest loader to use with Launchbox. Download here:https://magoarcade.org/wp/typextra/

Google thinks it is a virus, but it is not. Make sure you add it as an exception in your antivirus.  Once you have opened it click OK on the 2 messages that show up. Then skip through the Getting Started parts. Now TypeXtra will ask you to select your game folders. Click add and then select your Taito Type X and Nesica game folders, which should each have a folder containing each game.

Once you are done, click the Autoscan ROM Folders button(icon with a folder and plus). Wait a few minutes. TypeXtra will scan through your game folders to find games. This will also tell TypeXtra which games work and which don't. 

Now click the Setup Games button(syringe button). This will hack your games so they work on Windows with TypeXtra. You should see all 3 checkmarks on the games you imported once it is finished. 

After that click the Update Database button(folder with magnifying glass) which will update your games databases.

Now you need to test your games. To launch games click the play icon. Sometimes you need to add/remove certain dll files, while other times you need to enable hacks in settings.

Finally click the Settings(gears) button, and go to Shortcuts. Under Save To click on the button with the 3 dots. Make a folder where you will store your Shortcuts. Choose the folder, click Done and then click on the Create Shortcuts button(folder with arrow) and wait a few minutes as shortcuts are being created. Once shortcuts are finished being created, exit TypeXtra and open Launchbox. 

Drag your Taito Type X shortcuts to Launchbox to import them. Once your Taito Type X shortcuts are imported, select your Nesica shortcuts and import those as well.

Make sure you scrape your Nesica games as Taito Type X games because TTX games do not have a platform in Launchbox.

Thats it! The confusion is over! Enjoy!

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