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Nintendo Arcade Classics Platform Query


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I want to make a specific platform for arcades like nintendo classics, sega classics, taito classics, etc.

but I don't know how to emulate them or select the specific roms of a mame romset

I have in different folders roms of snk classics cps 1,2 and 3 and I emulate them with retroarch and the core FBA Neo.

Any guide or instructions?


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You don't have to move the roms in different folders.  If you organize your arcade games by "Platform Category" the games should include the separated groupings you are looking for.  If you really want to have them separated by platform, you can edit the specific roms as a group and change the Platform field to items such as "SNK Classics".

As for using games with Retroarch, I can help with FB Neo.  You can have these games in a separate folder placed in your games section of Launchbox.  Import the roms and create the platform for the games that use FB Neo.  When you import these games, make sure you scrape as arcade games, but this didn't help me.  I had to manually change names of games in the game properties and search for media again.  However, once you do this, make sure your newly added platform is associated with Retroarch and uses core the Final Burn Neo core.  As long as the neogeo.zip file is in the folder with the rest of the roms, this should work.  Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification.

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