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I'm trying to import 3DS roms.

I go through the usual import process and it see's all of the roms in the folder I choose and displays them in the list at the end with all the .3ds extensions - however, when the import process starts, it looks like it's working by as it's scanning through each of the .3ds games and looking like it's importing them, but at the end after it says saving games, it says there's no games to import.

Update: So, if I try searching for one of the titles, it shows up. If I right-click and edit the game, it shows:

Games\Nintendo 3DS\Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader (USA).zip

The metadata also shows that it's recognised as a 3DS game, but interestingly, the game doesn't have any artwork either. If I double-click on the game to try and start it, it says the rom can't be found :O. If I open Citra directly and select the game manually, it works perfectly.

Update 2: OK, I figured out what's wrong. When I originally tried to import the games, they were all in zip format. I then realised that format woudln't work (even though it said they were importing!), so I extracted them and imported them again. For some reason, it didn't update to the new filename that had the .3ds extension rather than the .zip extension. Pretty annoying really, especially when it doesn't even create the 'Nintendo 3DS' category on the menu for you to see them - plus not actually overwriting with the new import info after I extracted them.

So, how do I now avoid having to edit every game and changing the emulation path to .3ds rather than .zip? It's not like I can easily just delete all of the ones in there because it's not showing them in the menu category for 3DS.


Update 3: OK, so I've figured that out as well. I used the search to search for .3ds and it showed all the games. So, I've now deleted those and will start the import again :D.



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