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Launchbox 1.17. I am experiencing this issue for the first time. Thought it was my VPN, issue persists even if its off. Maybe it was minimizing to tray, issue persists if it is never minimized. 


I am able to download about 20 files before it locks up. Correction, after restarting and watching it download I got to 50 before switching back to continue this post. I have a feeling it has something to do with Launchbox losing focus/priority in Windows. Unfortunately I cannot just sit here and wait while Launchbox downloads 20,000 media files lol.

Edit3: Launchbox never lost focus this last time since I had it pinned as the top window with an app called DeskPins, but 503 files in 404. I was video editing behind Launchbox. CPU and GPU were hovering around 80-100% usage. This could all be useless information. Tonight before bed I am going to open launchbox and leave my pc alone with sleep/hibernate turned off and no intensive tasks in the background. This is really frustrating.

Edit4: Two days later. I'm down to 21,000 files left after several more freezes. This last time I had Launchbox in the foreground, nothing running in the background, stable internet connection and no VPN. This is getting really frustrating. If EMU Movies was a free service then I wouldn't care. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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