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Big Box Freezes on Mame game exit...


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I just purchased the lifetime Launchbox membership, and so far its been pretty awesome. Everything has been pretty damn easy I must say... its a great platform!

However, I have had my first issue...  

  • Big Box freezes 99% of the time after leaving a game
  • Launchbox Freezes maybe 10% of the time

I always exit the game by hitting ESC on my keyboard.   It works totally fine in MAME by itself.


NEW INFO!!!!!!

I have discovered, that when I exit a game in BigBox.. the system locks out EVERYTHING except for MOUSE!!   So what I have to do.. is move my mouse, click on another game, or an option of some sort.  AND THEN everything (including Joysticks) starts working fine again!!  

How do I fix this so I dont have to "wake up" the other controls by having to click somewhere with my mouse?



Dell OptiPlex 9020 MT Intel i7-4790 3.60GHz 16GB RAM 

Win 10 Pro

GTX 1050 TI SC Gaming (4gb) 

4 Player cabinet

4 x Sanwa sticks

Players 1 and 2 (4 buttons each)

Players 3 and 4 (3 buttons each)

Each player has an insert Coin and Player Start button

Player 4 has a separate hidden button under the control panel that I use to exit a game.



Latest Launchbox and Bigbox, downloaded from website yesterday.

ONLY MAME system (running latest .230b)

(I do have other mame versions in the Emulator folder, but none are being used)

Not using RetroArch



Things I have Tried:

  • I unchecked using Joysticks in the Options.. and just used keyboard.   That doesnt matter.   I enter a game fine.. then on exit the keyboard locks up and I have to Alt-Tab to hit the little X to exit. 
  • I also turned on the Logs in options/debugging.. but nothing ever shows in the logs folder
  • Disabled Game Startup Screens .


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More info... again
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