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Missing games when importing roms


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I have a problem when importing roms, there are always missing roms, but not always the same ones or the same number of missing files.


Maybe it's simplier to explain if I give an example :

For this example, I created 50 empty files that I will import into Launchbox as Sony Playstation roms (but the problem remains with real rom files of any format.

First I import folder containing the files (same problem if I select files directly or if I drag and drop files into launchbox)

Then I chose platform Sony Playstation (same problem with any system)

Then I chose emulator (Recalbox)

I chose to use the files in their current locations (I tried to copy, same problem)

I do not search for game information in local metadata (same problem if I do)

I do not download any images

I do not download any media

Only option I select is "force importing duplicate games"

Only 43 games were imported successfully

I delete the games and redo all these steps : 49 games were imported successfully

A 3rd time : 48 games


At this time, I have to check all games one by one when importing new roms, and it's very long....

How could I solve this problem?


Thanks in advance to help me ;)














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