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Pause Screen losing Mame Focus


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Wondering is anyone else has had an issue with Mame losing focus when you pause in LaunchBox or BigBox?

So some information:

I have RetroArch and a separate copy of Mame (0.234) for my emulators.

Pause for Retroarch works fine.

Originally Mame would not even display a pause screen but reading the forums I discovered that "Forceful Pause Screen Activation" may help. It did, and now the Pause screen appears and the game pauses.

When I select High Scored it displays a list of the scores and I can move up and down through the options.

When I try to select any other option (Resume, Reset, Save, Load) the pause screen goes away but Mame does not gain focus, instead showing me launchBox or BigBox. I have to Alt-Tab to go back to it. The option I selected also does not seem to occur, but the game is now un-paused.

The only change I have done to the emulator is that in Associated Platforms under Default Command Line Parameters I have some console specific settings (ex "Bally Astrocade" has "astrocde -cart"). 

Any ideas?




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