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Pixelcade LED, Rec Room Masters 32-inch cabinet with Launchbox and Pinball FX3


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Hey everyone, I would appreciate any guidance anyone may have on this configuration. I have a Pixelcade LED installed inside a 32-inch Rec Room Masters cabinet, running Launchbox and Big Box. I currently only have Arcade (MAME) installed, and recently added Pinball FX3.

I followed the instructions for enabling LEDBlinky (and registered) and installed the Pixelcade software, and also the Pixelcade Pinball package. By default, the Pixelcade Listener is starting automatically, and when browsing ROMs in LB, seems to work fine. I'm having challenges switching between the Pixelcade listener application, closing this before launching the Pixelcade Pinball PinDMD application, and then reversing this process when quitting Pinball FX3.

I could use any guidance on how to allow Arcade and Pinball to coexist and use the active marquee for both, knowing that only one Pixelcade application can be running (Pinball or the main application).

Here's the logic:

1. Browsing ROMs in LB, marquee displays platforms and/or ROMs on Pixelcade LED

2. If user selects a Pinball FX3 game, it should close the Pixelcade listener application and start the launcher located in the Pixelcade Pinball folder. there are launchers there for Pinball FX3, and some others. I presume using this launcher rather than via Steam or PinballFX3.exe directly also launches the PinDMD.exe application.

3. User plays the game, and quits Pinball FX3 and also the PinDMD application (this is something I'm also still troubleshooting, how to use the Exit button (mapped to ESC) to quit rather than pull out the keyboard and pressing Alt-F4.)

4. Start the Pixelcade Listener application back up before going back into BB/LB.

Hope this makes sense!

Thank you.


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