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1) We really need a generic "Simulation" genre. There are a couple specific simulation genres but nothing generic. This particular genre is vast and could literally go on forever if it is specific.

2) We need all the photo categories when adding a game for artwork. If I add a reconstruction, I can only add it as "box front" initially. In turn, this gets some moderators cranky. I don't like making them cranky and I like being accurate to begin with.

3) We need info on rejections even if a thing isn't fully rejected. How can I improve to appease all? Maybe it's not possible but the information wouldn't hurt. It could vastly help everyone overall.

4) There needs to be some level of validation around image replacement. The ratio should be larger than current or it should be moving from JPG to PNG. Definitely not the reverse for the same pixel ratio. Someone thinks it's a "better user experience" to downgrade PNGs to JPGs. Maybe on a webpage but not in the database for use in Launchbox. We aren't all trying to put a million images on a potato.

5) There should be a link when adding a game or modifying to the guidelines. I got one guy pretty bent up by naming a bunch of stuff as US region when I didn't know any better and had to go looking for guidelines. I learned only from moderating and watching them complain when they fixed it.

6) A new game should be up for partial rejections. Sometimes it's pretty good but certain images or data are wrong. I don't want to reject the whole game, just pieces.

7) 3D box art shouldn't have a light source applied. Someone is adding a ton of 3D images that are half washed out. A light source could be applied in Launchbox for consistency. This guideline would be nice.

😎There should be some limit on gameplay pictures. Some games people are adding double digit numbers of pictures. Do we really need a longplay flipbook?

😎Duplicate game deletion requests should require a link for the moderator. Why is the onus on the moderator to go looking for what the contributor is trying to communicate?

10) Something is broken with deletion. I've requested a couple and they don't actually delete, even after acceptance. Then someone is repurposing games that don't delete for other games not in the database. The process is just broken.

11) Search should first check for an exact match. I've ran into it where I'm adding a game and I know I've seen it but for the love of everything holy I can't find it again until later when something in the algorithm picks up the game again, seemingly randomly. I've searched with exact entry name too. Rad Rogers: Radical Edition for Switch is my prime example. I added a double unintentionally.

12) Any game with non-english characters like umlauts and acute letters should require an alternate name with the English equivalent letter. People keep trying to add Pokemon games that exist because they don't know how to type an acute e and search won't bring the game back as a suggestion without the acute e or an alternate name without it.

13) One moderator got a wild hair up their ass recently about the Witcher 3. They went through everything on a ton of systems changing it to "III", which was accurate. However, in some cases it wasn't the "Game of the Year Edition", it was the "Complete Edition". I didn't want to reject the partially correct edit but I wanted to comment about how it wasn't completely right. Can we have a way of approving but with feedback?

14) Jason, I respect your faith a good deal but pushing bible quotes at the bottom of the moderator page is just weird on an unrelated religious site. What if Muslims, Jewish, Pagan, Hindi folk etc made quotes on a unrelated topic site toward you?

That's all I have for right now (I think). Thanks for listening. I eagerly await feedback.


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