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DEMULshooter + MAME + strange calibration issues and Terminator 2 crosshairs weirdness

Alex F.

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Hi everybody,

I use a Sinden lightgun and have a couple of questions regarding DEMUL and MAME:

1. Can I use DEMULshooter with MAME in any way (most probably not, I assume...)? I'm asking because DEMULshooter solved my aiming and calibration problems with House of the Dead 2 and Sports Shooting USA - now they work fine.
A game like MAME's Police Trainer on the other hand has a very accurate calibration but only in the test menu - as soon as I exit the test menu and start up a game the aiming is way off diagonally...!? (Area 51 and Point Blank work fine.)

2. MAME's Terminator 2 shows a very strange behavior and still gives me a headache: First, all the game did was to just shoot in the upper left corner, it didn't recognize the Sinden at all apparently. In the calibration menu I used the keyboard cursor keys to somehow move the crosshairs around in order to get to the upper left and lower right corner (otherwise I couldn't have calibrated at all), and the left/ right movement worked fine but strangely enough, as soon as I moved the crosshairs up or down it automatically reverted to the middle position like there was a stuck button or something! But no other game shows this behavior. ... Now at least I can play the game but there's always a ghost-like appearance of a second crosshairs in the upper left corner.

Setting this whole lightgun thing up for all games and emulators is really a pain in the a** but at least I've made some progress in the last couple days.

Any help for these two things would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance as always!


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Hey Alex, I'm in the same boat buddy! I've been setting up MAME games out the box okay with the sinden software but T2 isnt working! when I play the game the cursor goes to the top left and when I try to calibrate its juddering all over the place.

I use the "gunmouse" CFG file and tried creating a term2 ini file (for offscreen reload) but didnt work?? I've also found a 2nd ini file for the games loses my scanline settings which sucks!

If you found a fix I'd really appreciate your advice 

Fingers crossed

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On 4/6/2022 at 10:58 PM, kryton952 said:

the cursor goes to the top left and when I try to calibrate its juddering all over the place.

This is precisely my problem ATM. Trying to configure my Sinden to play HOTD in Model 2 Emulator, and there's just something wrong with how DemulShooter is handling the gun. Through the Device Preview I can ascertain that the problem isn't with the emulator itself.

Update Believe it or not, I solved it embarrassingly quickly by turning off the anti-jitter feature. 'twas the cause of my troubles all along.

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