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Calibration problems in EXTREME HUNTING 1 and 2

Alex F.

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I'm encountering strange calibration problems in EXTREME HUNTING 1 and 2.

While other games like House of the Dead 1/2 or Virtua Cop 2 play quite nicely with largely accurate calibration I can't calibrate Extreme Hunting 1 and 2. In other games you have to shoot diagonal points in the upper left and lower right corners but in these two games you can only shoot in the center of the screen to calibrate and this has the effect that the aim of my Sinden gun is still a good portion off, and it increases the more you move the gun to the outer parts of the screen.

In a video on YouTube somebody played the game with an Amtrak gun and he said he also had those problems and he had to lower the resolution in order to solve it. Of course I tried that in the emulator but it seems to have no effect, the picture appears to stay the same, I can't see any difference.

I've attached a little video (sorry for the shaky quality) that shows, especially in the second part, that as long as you shoot in the vertical center line of the screen  (i.e. also up and down) it is more or less accurate but the more you to the left and right sides it is way off (which is not present in the other games I mentioned).

Dear community, any ideas maybe? Thanks a lot in advance as always.

NB: Somehow my video is not showing a picture, here sorry, I don't know why. 😞

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I'm assuming you are using DEmul as emu since EH2 is only playable with it.

The issue is about aspect ratio I guess because I got the same time ago.

I solved using DemulShooter and now I can play it in 4:3 without aiming off ( add in the command line ForcedXratio=4/3 ).

Dunno with a Sinden but you could give a try.



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