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Big Box randomly opens multiple instances of emulators


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When I use Launchbox, everything seems to load up fine. However, when I switch to BigBox, even though the games load up normally, there are many times where i will be in the middle of a game, and suddenly, the screen will go back to the BigBox game selection menu. I can still hear the game being played in the background, but I'll be looking at the game selection screen that I was at before I started the game. I have to go to the Task Manager just so I can get back out to the desktop without actually closing BigBox, and I'll notice that there are two, sometimes even three instances of an emulator trying to start up at the same time.

This mostly happens with MAME, but I've also noticed it with PCSX2. I was near the end of Tekken Tag Tournament, everything was running great, when again, I was forced back to the BigBox game selection menu. Again, I heard the game in the background, and when I was able to get back out to the desktop, I noticed that another instance of PCSX2 was starting up.

I have my Xbox controller mapped so I can use BigBox with my controller. I checked controller bindings to see if there was an extra key binding I wasn't aware of, but as far as I can tell, there isn't one. And like I mentioned, I don't seem to be having this issue with Launchbox, so it must be a BigBox configuration.

I really love Launchbox. Thank you for your continued support. Please let me know if there is a fix for this issue, and keep up the great work!

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I've had this problem for a couple years now. Mine pauses the game, and there's no way to un-pause it. When I do CTRL+ALT+TAB I see it opened another instance of bigbox. When I close that instance I can play my game again. It's very annoying, and I haven't found a fix for it. I'm surprised other users aren't having the same issue.

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