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Prioritise EmuMovies?


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Is it at all possible to prioritise EmuMovies when scraping media to LB?  I was hoping to be able to have EmuMovies pick up what it can and the LB fill in any gaps.


I'm aware you can do this the other way around by limiting each image type to 1 when importing roms, but I'm sure I've seen a video that had a check box to do this but it doesn't seem to be there anymore


Any help would be great




Edit - Found image from video mentioning said button


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My LaunchBox folder is now 226 GB, i have no games or emulators saved inside the folder, this is all just media files and i'm closing in on 30k game entries. What i absolutely HATE is when people upload pictures to LaunchBox that are multiple MB, for simple things that could easily be smaller (it is going to be reduced to thumbnail size anyway, nobody needs a 5MB PNG version if a 500KB JPEG will do), that is pretty pointless and just bloats up the images folder, which is why i always would click on the checkmark to prioritize EmuMovies over LaunchBox, those sets are usually made by one person for a whole system and are usually in a slightly more sensible format.
On LaunchBox there is nobody doing any sort of quality control, people are just happy to find those pictures to begin with and go for the best quality they can find, even when it is complete overkill for the purpose. I thought about sending those folders through some kind of mass picture compression tool but i didn't find a free and reliable tool and then forgot about doing that again. ...it would of course make more sense to do this at the source, on the server, then every user would profit from it. try to find more information here 

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