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Feature request here to see if any others would want to vote for it (Link Included). Have Launchbox be able to setup multiple controller setups for Mame to change depending on game. Received permission to post this.


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Basically it is for you to be able to setup multiple controller configurations in Launchbox for mame, for example:

You can setup a button setup for 2 button games, for 3-4 button games, and for 5-6 button games.
Then when you load up a game in Mame, depending on the button setup for that game, it will load up the appropriate configuration. So you don't have to make 1,000+ game specific configuration files.

Thought about this jumping between Virtual Fighter 2, Tekken, and Street Fighter testing stuff out and having to redo controller settings for each one and thinking about all the other games I would have to do that for.

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