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Getting individual game startup within Launchbox to also work the same in Big Box


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I have my SNES collection, Genesis collection, NES collection, and Steam collection working in Launchbox/Big Box.  I have had a problem with startup screens on specifically the original Sonic on Genesis, video does not display in Big Box.  Disable startup screens, game plays just fine (I don't want startup screens for older games).  Steam games, some work seamlessly, and others...not so much.  They do work.  I don't want to see any computer stuff loading, Ubisoft loading screens, desktop flickering and disappearing, seamless.  Alien Isolation Steam version, I change individual settings for that one game in launchbox, timing for startup and shutdown, works like a champ.  Problem is, go into Big Box, doesn't work, enable startup screens, acts like these are two separate fronts ends.  Make changes to launchbox like that, changes not applied to Big Box.  

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