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Installing DOS game(Specific Duke Nukem Caribbean Addon)


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I pretty much have gotten all my older DOS game to run in Launchbox with no problems...but this is driving me insane.....I have the 3 addons to the Duke Nukem 3D series Duke It Out In DC, Nuclear Winter & Caribbean....all 3 game folders are pretty much identical...but when I set up Caribbean to run with either the Duke3d.exe or Carib.exe...I have the Use dosbox checked and use the dosbox.conf that comes with it...I have tried all different combination but the game wont load or Launchbox shuts down.....Now the folder includes a Start The Game.bat file....if I click it by itself the game plays (Outside Launchbox) with now problems....If I try to to launch the .bat file thru Launchbox......Launchbox shuts down....and the game launches in dosbox but in a smaller screen....I have reached my end and dont know what to do next....I have managed to get a few games to work that took me a while to figure out....just not this one....anyone having any suggestions.      Thanks in advance

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