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Any collection of bezels that are larger than the standard size in projectbezel?


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I am using a 28' LCD screen, and using the standard bezels the game window is quite large, which result in being quite pixellated sadly. For 2d content I am using some filters, but for 3d content often that won't do much; so I was thinking to just reduce the window size of each core, although that will leave black space around the game window; since the bezel cover only part of the screen.

I checked in retroarch and most of the bezels from projectbezel are mostly the same size; so they try to mask the screen to remove the black side bands that are a trait of 4:3 content running on 16:10 screen. Also if you try to resize the bezel in retroarch, that won't work either because it will just zoom in the bezel; which won't reduce the actual size of the game window in the center.

Is there an alternative/custom version of bezels that can be used to have a smaller game window, and not have black borders around the game window? So far I just found one for Atari Lynx; which mimic the actual console look, leaving in the center an area small enough to fit the game window; which is small enough to mask the pixellated look. But I could not find such bezels for other platforms (I could make some, but I don't have any drawing skills to be honest... The best I can do is to use paint).

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