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So... I'm working on turning part of my basement into a theater and wanted to include a retro arcade cabinet because that was a big part of the theater experience back in the 80s and 90s when I would be there every week with my friends. 


I'd already spent thousands on recliners, projector, projector screen paint, etc., so I didn't think I could justify spending more on the cabinet. So I collected some things from around the house: A windows laptop with a broken screen, an old lcd monitor that's been sitting in the storage room for 10 years, some old pc speakers and subwoofer, and the cardboard packaging from the theater recliners. I only had to spend money on the joysticks/buttons.


After experimenting with different methods of building with cardboard (plain corrugated cardboard is too weak and warps when painted), I found that sandwiching 1/4" corrugated cardboard between 2 pieces of 1/8" chipboard with gorilla glue came out to be almost as sturdy as 1/2" MDF. I could put my full weight on it without it collapsing.


I had looked at lots of plans that were posted online for wooden cabinets and designed something similar that would work with my materials and fit the monitor that I already had. 


Now I'm working on learning how to design my own bigbox theme to match the cab.






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