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Fixed BigBox problem with videos playing sound but no or laggy video & appology to all of you


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Hello All

I'm the asshole who was TrexThunderX10 and I got banned cuz of foul language. I have an anger problem that I've been addressing, so after my first therapy appointment, I came home got onto playnite and was like I miss the videos with the games to see what the game is and all. Well I reinstalled launchbox and bigbox and imported gamecube and wii to start my repair work to get the videos to run like normal. Well I looked around, and this is what I came up with. 

A guy on this forum said in a google search to go into Options in BigBox and change the video settings to match his, I did that and it worked! Videos play smooth as hell now, so I'm back in with LaunchBox and I'm happy cuz I missed it something terrible. So, if you get stuck on your video problems, just change the video playback to windows media player, pay no attention to the warning, I never do. And windows media player works as long as you don't have no crazy file types like .mkv. All the platform videos are in genuine .mp4 format so windows media player will work fine for most. Now onto my my sincere appology

I'm working on my anger, and I'm in therapy now as we speak, so I truly want to appolise to all faculty and anyone I offended by my words. I now realise that I'm not in the streets anymore and can't handle all issues like how I used to in the streets. You must be professional about this. And I wasn't. I'm 40 years old but feel 10 because of my actions. I'm truly sorry for anyone I offended or hurt by my crazy tyraid anger trip. From now on I PROMISE you that all the messages you see from TrexBlazeX2 will be friendly, God loving messages, Amen! God bless you all and let's play some games :)

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