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Citra and setting the environment variable for Zink so it can run on AMD?


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I was today years old when I learned I can download the mesa drivers in a windows port and make Citra use them to translate opengl to vulkan and actually run on an AMD video card. 


I found a guide and it basically told me to drop the dll's in the nightly dir and create a batch file with set GALLIUM_DRIVER=zink followed by the citra qt exe. Once I did that I went from 20-40% speed to 100% speed! Maybe I can ACTUALLY use citra now!

Unfortunately, I can't use the batch file as my emulator target in Launchbox. It doesn't pass anything along.

I even tried adding


to the running AHK and it does not work. Researching that tells me it only sets the variable for items within or launched inside the script itself.

Is there another way around this?

Can I somehow update the batch to feed it commands? Can I put multiple commands in 1 line for the exe so I can set the variable first? Is there another way I can integrate to the ahk and bypass a 2 line .bat or somehow make this work with launchbox?

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I'm going to follow up on this in case anyone else decides to search for this in the future. I wrote the script and I'll paste it below so, hopefully, it helps others.

Put this in CitraAMD.bat in the citra program folder and then point launchbox at it instead of the citra EXE.


# https://community.citra-emu.org/t/the-fix-for-poor-amd-radeon-performance-on-windows/561142
# This runs mesa driver for AMD functionality
set arg1=%1
#set arg2=%2
start citra-qt.exe %1 %2


Hope this helps the next person!

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