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Request Feature: Don't select games without Video during Attract on Big Box Mode


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Sorry if this isn't where you are suppose to do request.  I looked around forum and couldn't find a spot to do it.  Feel free to correct me on this issue. 


Before someone tells me I can "kinda" do this by hiding games without video, I'm aware. but I don't want the games without videos hidden, as some are good games.  I just don't want Attract mode stopping on games for 10+ seconds that don't have videos, as I like Attract mode to you know Attract, not be stuck showing some insert coin screen shot for 10+ seconds.  My current game collection is around 20,000+ so while I've been actively working to make sure every single game has a video (by trying out alternate names, or just making the video my self).  There is still a good 1,000 without Videos.


If you take this request serious and implement it into the project launchbox build, I'll be deeply grateful ^_^.

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