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Unable to use my own videos and playlist logos with updated Launchbox for BigBox.

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When I first used LaunchBox (LB), about 4 years ago, I was able to make my own playlists and use my own logos for said playlists for BigBox. Also, the layout was very simple. Had a wheel on the left, with my personally made logos, and the video would  play in the background with the games listed horizontally along the bottom. I rebuilt my arcade cabinet and repurchased LB to upgrade it, and now I no longer can use my logos or find out how to get back to the original layout.

Original Layout (Reconstructed)


As you can see by the Puzzle logo, this should be possible.


Along with this issue I can’t get rid of LB default logos or use my own text or logos.


I have tried to delete the default logos and use mine by adding them to the Playlist images and setting it to Clear Logo.


So basically I can’t use my videos I made as a background nor use my own logos. This is not how LB used to work. The clear logos I am using are 660x300 pixels and 112Kb if it’s a formatting issue.


Sorry for the colored text. I can't tell what background is in use. Was white when I was posting but black after posting so the text was half black and white. Needed a color that could be seen on both.

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Got half of the problem solved. Deleted default images that were added in after updating then had to go into BigBox and refresh all images. So I got my logos back but still can't find a view combination in options to return the Playlist back to it's former glory. Every option in it is awful. Like someone said, "Hey, how can I make the this once simple and logical layout horrendously discombobulated." What are the Details and Descriptions pains for? I can not find anywhere in the playlist to even fill in that information. Is that supposed to be for the games or the playlist? The BigBox playlist view is the one reason why I use it, now it's just garbage. Why must people mess with something that's not broken.

Update: Finally got it back to where it was. Seems selecting Default theme does not mean switching to or editing the default them if it is not loaded. Not sure how the Default was no longer the default, but I figured out how to load the default using the intuitive interface for manage themes. Seems those YouTube/Message board looking tags are not information but are interactive. Makes perfect sense.

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