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xarcade xinput on 4 player cabinet


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I am looking to see if anyone has a walkthrough video or guide out there to help set up xarcade xinput on an arcade cab. I have seen others successfully do this on 4 player cabinets but I have not found any tutorial videos yet. I have downloaded xarcade xinput and set it as an additional app to run in launchbox for the pc game but I don't believe that it is recognizing my keyboard/joystick&buttons as a 360 controller. I am using a recroommasters 4 player controller. I am guessing im missing some steps on how to set up all the keyboard buttons to the xbox commands for all 4 players. I also do not have a kill command to end xarcade xinput after exiting the game. This would be a perfect solution to games like shredders revenge and SOR4 where I can currently only play one player on the arcade cabinet controls. Any help on this is appreciated as I have found information very hard to come by. 

Thank you,

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed. So I now have everything working except for the kill script after exiting the game. I tried the method in the link above but that is not closing xarcade xinput when I exit. Right now I am trying the below script I received online that others appear to be using effectively as the kill xinput exe file. Running both xarcade xinput and kill xinput as additional apps in the game. xinput running before main application and kill xinput to run after main application. It loads up with all 4 controls working perfectly as xbox 360 controllers but again when I exit the game it is not closing xinput. Any ideas?

 SendRaw 5
Winclose, ahk_exe XArcade XInput.exe
process, close, kill xinput.exe

Additional Apps.PNG


kill xinput.PNG

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Quick update. Myself and some very helpful people on the Facebook group have been looking at this. Some have it working just fine loading from the exe. This kind of works for me and others as it will load xinput fine and close it after exiting but when loading from the exe rather than a shortcut or through steam import, the game runs horribly slow and choppy and will often crash with an error making it unplayable.

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update for anyone still having trouble with this we were able to get it to close properly with the below ahk script. Again a huge thank you to Scott and Alberto for helping with this. You may want to try the above method and script with additional apps first as that has worked for some. If that does not work for you as it did not for me and others we were able to get it to close with a dedicated exit (escape) key on the arcade cabinet. If you go through the exit prompts in the game and close it that way it will not kill the xinput xarcade for you automatically and you will have to close it yourself after exiting the game. If you use the dedicated Escape key (exit key) it will work. You will want to use this as an auto hot key script and launch the game directly from this ahk script with no additional apps listed. this script is also for steam games (Shredder's Revenge in the example below) and you will need to adjust your drive/folder path to match where your xinput xarcade is located as well as the exe and steam game id for the game you are doing this for when creating your ahk script. Hopefully this helps others as it was quite the headache for me.


#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
#SingleInstance force
Run, D:\Launchbox\Tools\XArcade XInput\XArcade XInput.exe --skip-ui
Run, steam://rungameid/1361510
Process,Close,XArcade XInput.exe
Run,taskkill /im "XArcade XInput.exe" /F
Run,taskkill /im "TMNT.exe" /F


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