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Hey! I've been tinkering with Retroarch on Xbox and found this frontend called Retropass that uses metadata migrated from Launchbox to populate media to a thumbdrive to use on the Xbox.

It uses a separate Launchbox install on the thumbdrive to download and populate videos, art and metadata. This works great, media gets populated to Retropass and show up as expected. 

My problem is that I also want bezels to show up in Retroarch but I'm having trouble migrating the settings from Retroarch on my computer to the Xbox. I download the bezels in Launchbox and they show as expected when I run a game from a thumbdrive on the computer.

Since Retroarch is a separate app on Xbox there doesn't seem to be an easy way to migrate the settings from the thumbdrive one to the Xbox one except using FTP to move files around. I have found and copied the bezels themselves to the right folders but can't figure which settings enable the bezels to show in game. 

As I understand it I can't really copy the retroarch.cfg file either without having to fiddle with a ton of settings to get the directory structure right again.

Anyone got any clue as how bezels and the settings could be moved without having to copy paste the entire folder structure? 


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