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Cartoon Capers! Playlist

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I like this one, I couldn't wait to share. 

This is a playlist for all GEN-X'ers and those who sympathise with the awesomeness we emote. I feel ya. Sorry you're not us.

I've created a cartoons-from-our-childhood-and-maybe-more playlist that I have to say makes me slightly weepy for my youth. ZIP file included here.

Let me know what you think, what I've missed, how to win the lottery.

This may very well be my favorite playlist. I'll upload my whole collection and whatnot later, but for now... this couldn't wait.

Comments / thumbs down / stories about your childhood / winning lottery numbers for all english speaking countries for the next month welcome.


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Oh - and if you have 2532 games after downloading this and checking the count- you have my computer. Can I have it back? I have a recipe for Chicken broth that I haven't printed. Thanks.

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